Reagan’s Warning of Socialism Pierces the Fog of Obama’s Deceptions

     Have you ever thought to yourself in today’s world, what would President Reagan have done? I have thought that many times over the last 44 months. I’m certain some will disagree with me, but I view Ronald Reagan as the “patriarch” of modern conservatism, though I state this knowing there are those who do not think he was conservative enough. I will tell you what — Looking back to the leadership of President Reagan through the fog of Mr. Barack Obama’s control of the executive branch, President Reagan’s conservative principles standout as the steadfast truth of a giant lighthouse sending it steady beam of light and piercing fog horn.

Do you recall Mr. Obama adamantly demanding that ObamaCare was not socialist and that his policies were not redistribution of wealth? I remember at the time his sounding like the driver pleading with the police officer, “I was only going 35 miles per hour officer!”

What do you think? With the events of this week, do you think we need a course correction in order to avoid slamming into that giant land mass of socialism? Take a listen to Ronald Reagan back in 1961, 51 years ago. Does this sound like truth today? Do you see the beam of light and hear the piercing fog horn? Or are we all just being lulled to sleep through the fog about hit the reef somewhere in a Greek island?

Ronald Reagan tells us exactly where we are right now. Yes, this clip is 10 minutes long, but the first two minutes drive home the message that we are headed right to that craggy point of socialism while President Obama and all of his lemmings will be telling us all for the next four months how we should like it and be glad for it. Listen carefully to Reagan’s words like “liberalism,” “statism,” “personal liberty,” “socialism,” “encroachment,” etc. I think the entire 10 minute audio is absolutely powerful and essential listening for every American who cares about their future and the health of our nation.

By liverealnews

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