Government Buys GM Vehicles And Obama Campaigns On Sales Increase

      The network media outlets have failed to report the truth on GM. Instead they’ve endorsed the Obama administrations talking points and have in return perpetrated a fraud on the American people.

How is Government control of anything going to make it better?

General Motors June US Car Sales Rocket 16%

GM’s June sales up 16%, show broad-based growth

GM June U.S. Sales Up 16%

The Taxpayers were compelled to bailout GM to the tune of $50 billion.

General Motors’ US sales up 16% in June

General Motors (GM) Shifts Gears on Strong US and China Sales

GM June Sales Up 16%

The  Press mentioned the bailout so as to allow President Barack Obama to continue to campaign for reelection on its failed “success.”

GM speed(s) to strong June

GM (NYSE:GM) Announces Record Strong Sales

General Motors’ US sales up 16 pct in June

Not mentioned was the auto bailout will lose us about $30 billion.

General Motors (NYSE:GM) Cheers to Reports US Sales Surges 16%

General Motors (NYSE:GM) Beats Analysts Sales Forecasts

GM Sees Highest Sales Since September

    Most of the $30 billion Taxpayer dollars was in fact a  payoff to the Obama-Democrat stalwart United Autoworkers Union.

GM Races Higher on Sales Report

GM Sales Rise 16%

GM June US Sales Rose 16%

Unions were bailed out, The Taxpayers are still stuck holding 500+ million shares of GM stock.  Which need to be sold at $53 per. GM debuted post-bankruptcy at $33 per.  And which is currently trading at just over $20 per.   taxpayers lose about $15 billion. The media calls this success”

GM Calls June Highest Sales Month Since 2008

General Motors (GM) June Sales Highest Since September 2008

GM June 2012 Sales Climb 15.5 Percent to Highest Month Since September 2008

Nowhere to be found is the truth that these June sales were mostly fueled by…government purchases.

Government purchases of GM vehicles rose a  79% in June.

Barack Obama is now campaigning on how great of a job he has done, with your tax dollars.

If your wife sells Avon, are you her only customer?

The Unions are President Obama’s wife and the $50 billion is how much Avon you’ve just purchased. Yet all you’ll hear from the media is how great the Auto industry is doing thanks to President Obama. In what universe does the corrupt media ignore any other aspect of this story except the “brown-nosing” talking points?

Whatever happened to the “facts?” The bias media have failed the American people again and again and………..

By liverealnews

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