Romney Receives Standing Ovation At NAACP: The Corrupt Media Only Report Boos

President Obama was to busy with his Union buddies to even speak at the NAACP, but his loyal friends in the press showed up.  I cannot find a single story about Romney’s speech that is not headlined with “Romney Gets Boos At NAACP”  and not a single word about his standing ovation or strong support for the Keystone Pipeline and charter schools he received.  Every radio, TV and soon to be print will feature nothing but “Romney Gets Boos At NAACP” and the stories to follow will be how popular Obamacare is getting and the GOP should give it a rest.  Almost everyone in that room truly believe they’re going to receive free healthcare. What’s the alternative to that statement? Everyone who booed wants to pay higher taxes have a rationing of care and put government in charge of their bodies, or is it that Obama created it? At least Mitt Romney showed up.


-Obama’sLapdog Media ignored applause for support of traditional marriage-

By liverealnews

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