‘Jumped the Shark’: Krauthammer Slams Obama Campaign As They Double Down on ‘Felon’ Charges

Just watch the following clip from Krauthammer, explaining how this is the moment where the Obama campaign “jumped the shark.” It pretty much sums up everything we could say: 

The Obama campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney for potentially being a “felon” has backfired in almost every conceivable way. But don’t tell Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, or we’ll lose all sorts of unintentional comedy. You see, since the accusation was made, LaBolt has been the poor staffer required to defend it, and he’s been doing everything in his power to stick his foot in his mouth as much as possible. Witness this maddening segment with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz:

We could spend time tearing Mr. LaBolt’s charges apart, but as it happens, Charles Krauthammer already preemptively did it for us.

By liverealnews

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