There were no clips of the presumptive nominee even though he did an interview with every network. Three clips were circulated around  the corrupt media circuit, none played Mitt Romney in person.

BARACK OBAMA: No. We won’t be apologizing. Mr. Romney claims that he’s Mr. Fix It for the economy because of his business experience. And so, I think voters entirely, legitimately want to know, well, what exactly what is that business experience?

OBAMA: Are you in fact responsible for this company that you say is one of your primary calling cards for wanting to be president?

OBAMA: We invest in companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing. I don’t want a pioneer in outsourcing. I want some insourcing.

And if that’s not enough, the CORRUPT media received the same talking points from the Obama administration noting that Romney “boated” ” nothing about him attending church services” this weekend while the President was in the “battleground state of Virginia” and “braved a downpour.”

The real story here is how does the CORRUPT media just stop focusing on jobs, economic news, Fast & Furious, unemployment numbers, Obama’s college anything and Tony Resko with 13 indictments?….all guility in the end.  The biggest deal President Obama has ever done in his life was a “SWEET HEART” Home deal with  Tony Resko, which is totally ignored.  Every independent fact checking organization keep insisting President Obama is completely false  on Bain attacks, but the media still push it and keep ignoring unemployment, economy so on…..There is no other way to take such blatant BIAS except to conclude they’re CORRUPT.   The poll suggests only 21 per cent of Americans have confidence in television news, one point below last year’s finding and down 25 points from Gallup’s original research in 1963. Confidence in newspapers dropped to 25 per cent this year, down from 28 per cent last year and half of the 50-per-cent confidence rate of 1980.  The Obama “LAP DOG MEDIA” numbers should take a hit for the worst week in news. Mr.President Why do you keep repeating something that’s been proven to be false? A very simple question, but one that will never be asked. That’s the story- proven lies pushed by the mainstream media while everything negative get’s swept under the rug.  That’s teamwork…..
By liverealnews

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